Para Cycling

Para Cycling

The UCI has officially administered Para-cycling since an agreement to transfer governance of the discipline from the International Paralympic Committee was signed on 7 February 2007. This discipline is divided into road and track races for a total of seven events.

The UCI defines functional categories for men and women of all ages. Riders are allocated to the appropriate category depending on their functional capacity.

The competitions comprise four divisions, based on the groups of handicaps:

  • B Division – Tandem
    • Blind or visually impaired riders.
  • C Division – Traditional bicycles
    • Sometimes can be adapted and used by riders with a slight brain injury, one or more amputations or some other form of impairment of the upper or lower limbs.
  • H Division – Handcycles
    • Paraplegic, Tetraplegic, Unilateral or Bilateral amputees.
  • T Division – Tricycles
    • Riders with brain injuries or those who need greater stability due to the extent of their impairment.

A total of 13 sport classes in total, both for men and women, with riders placed in the appropriate category in the light of their functional capacity.